April 7, 2016

Our Team

We genuinely enjoy the work we do. From idea to design, welding to wiring, collaboration is part of our DNA. Every product that leaves Magnus Engineered Equipment demonstrates the talent, commitment, and passion of our team.


Individually, the talents of our sales team are unrivaled.  They each come from diverse industry backgrounds and bring years of experience to the table.  Partnering together with their clients they focus on finding the right solution to some of the toughest cleaning jobs in the industry.

Daniel Ackroyd
  • Electrical and mechanical concepts and technical support
  • Custom design concepts (semi & full automation, material handling, etc)
  • Inline ultrasonic wash systems, immersible belt ultrasonic wash systems, and custom specialty items
  • FPI lines (concepts and technical support) - automated and manned

Customer Solutions
  • Concept and technical solutions on equipment repair
  • Production space optimization (systems designed to maximize operator efficiency within a limited footprint)
  • Provide improvement opportunities on clients current systems (Magnus Engineered Equipment or that of our competitors)
Gail Isabella
  • Industrial replacement parts for Magnus Engineered Equipment
  • Standard Equipment sales and support

Customer Solutions
  • Specialized technical support for machine part issues with a focus on root cause analysis
  • Detailed historical analysis for customer care inquires, reducing downtime
  • Part upgrades: Including retro fitting for obsolete parts
David Stankiewicz
  • Rust preventative removal from raw materials to reduce manufacturing costs
  • In process cleaning (ie: stamping oil removal prior to paint line integration)
  • Multi-Stage Systems - Including paint and rust removal, ultrasonics for cleaning blind holes, and blind internal machine ways

Customer Solutions
  • Multistage tube cleaning systems - Utilizing immersion tank cleaning technology to increase recovery rate and volume
  • High Volume cleaning systems using spray belt washers with in house Accu-Dyne Testing
  • Decreasing turn around time by up to 600%
  • Remanufactured Turbochargers using multi-stage ultrasonic systems