May 11, 2016

Who We Are

Who We Are

In the 1920’s, the Magnus chemical company began formulating and manufacturing cleaning chemicals.  In the 1950’s, Magnus Equipment began designing and supplying industrial cleaning equipment to compliment it’s chemical offerings.  In 2008, the Power Sonics line of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and it’s 40 year history of success was acquired and added to the Magnus family to further strengthen cleaning equipment offerings.  In 2016, Magnus Engineered Equipment was formed to highlight the engineering aspects of the company as well as the machinery offerings.


Magnus Engineered Equipment has firmly established itself as a world leader in the design and manufacture of industrial parts cleaning equipment using specialized cleaning technology.   Standard and custom systems are produced for parts cleaning, degreasing, and metal treatment using both aqueous and non-aqueous systems for parts ranging from small intricate precision items to very large heavy machine parts. Magnus knows and understands all aspects of parts cleaning and metal treatment and are experts at developing robust cleaning processes with consideration for material handling, automation, worker safety, environmental issues and operating costs.



Magnus Engineered Equipment has a very strong engineering department and employs degreed and experienced mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, electrical engineers, electricians and equipment programming personnel.  Equipment is tailored to meet customer cleanliness and throughput requirements, while respecting utility and space constraints.  Machinery electronics/communications can be tailored to compliment customer’s lean manufacturing and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) efforts.



Magnus Engineered Equipment designs and manufactures all equipment in-house in our Willoughby, Ohio facility using 3D drawing and electrical software, CNC metal working equipment, and in-house painting, assembly and testing.  All Power Sonics ultrasonic transducers and generators are built in-house.  Magnus Engineered Equipment prides itself in going from concept to verified product under one roof and in-house run-off of equipment is available for customized equipment.


Chemistry Support

Although Magnus Engineered equipment no longer manufactures cleaning chemicals, we maintain strong relationships with chemistry suppliers in the aqueous and non-aqueous arenas.  Customers are presented with chemistry alternatives from multiple chemistry suppliers.  An in-house testing laboratory is available for proving out cleaning processes and chemistry which assures customers they are receiving the proper machinery and chemistry for their application.