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Throughout the service life of any equipment, some components are subject to normal wear and require replacement. To help avoid downtime, in-stock replacement parts ordered online by 11:00 am EST are shipped same-day.

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Magnus Engineered Equipment is proud to supply a major medical device company with surgical needle cleaning machines.   Magnus Engineered Equipment radial ultrasonic transducers deliver exceptional cleaning and our machines utilizing this technology are cleaning needles in North America, South America and Europe.Read More →

Magnus Engineered Equipment recently shipped this multi-stage cleaning system to one of our new customer.  Sonics and rotation are used to clean complex parts for the aerospace industry.  Customized parts baskets are automatically positioned and held by the cleaning equipment allowing the parts to be immersed, rotated and ultrasonically cleaned.Read More →

A customer purchased a used Magnus Engineered Equipment cleaning equipment at a machinery auction and installed it in their facility.  They were pleased with the performance and longevity of the equipment and decided to purchase a new cleaning system from Magnus Engineered Equipment to meet their exacting cleaning requirements.Read More →

Diesel engines produce a variety of emission particles due to incomplete combustion.  Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) are positioned in the exhaust stream and capture most of these particles. As a result, the filters themselves require periodic cleaning.Read More →

When one of the world’s leading manufacturers of valves needed to replace existing cleaning equipment and fit the equipment into an existing tight space, Magnus Engineered Equipment designed and delivered a system which met their space and load requirements.Read More →

Magnus Engineered Equipment manufactures PowerSonics TM radial ultrasonic transducers.  These transducers are the key component in MEE’s wire cleaning equipment and they deliver in excess of 4000 Watts/gallon of ultrasonic cleaning power.Read More →