Modular In-Line Radial Sonic Cleaning


Our in-line radial transducer system is built modular, giving you the ability to start small and grow at low cost. This design also provides easy adaptability to varying line speed. The fixed frequency design of the generator eliminates the need for operator adjustments to the generator and/or transducers. The in-line configuration allows feed through without bending, resulting in simplified work handling and less probability of product damage; great for the high speed cleaning of wire and strip stampings. The modular units are built to support your growing capacity and speed needs.  The standard configuration supports up to 6 radial transducers.  Larger, custom lines are also available.

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Magnus radial ultrasonic cleaning units can be easily applied to the cleaning of wire, strip, tube, cable, rod and similar longitudinal configurations. Conveyed articles can also be passed through the radial sonics system for cleaning at very fast rates.

Radial Ultrasonics are ideal for cleaning:

– Drawn carbon-steel wire
– Drawn welding wire
– Stainless steel welding rods
– Standard copper wire
– Copper-clad wire
– Coaxial cable
– Magnet wire
– Inconel tube
– Integrated circuits
– Electrical connectors
– Surgical needles
– Brake and fuel tubing
– Machined fittings



The most successful cleaning applications include the removal of drawing compounds, chips, oils, light scale, light rust, polishing compounds and stamping oils. Singular and multiple strand cleaning is available. Properly applied, ultrasonics can perform a more thorough, more complete cleaning job than any other cleaning method.

Ultrasonics is a non-destructive method of cleaning which utilizes sound waves to form and implode vapor pockets on the surface of contaminated parts. This implosion results in the release of stored energy that creates a virtual scrubbing or cleaning action on the surface of the part to be cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning still involves the use of cleaning solutions. The part must be immersed in either an aqueous (water-based) or solvent (hydrogen-based) cleaning solution in a cleaning tank. Ultrasonic cleaning systems also require a generator to provide high frequency electrical energy and a transducer to convert the electrical energy into mechanical sound energy.


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Single Sonic System, Duel Sonic System, Three Sonic System, Four Sonic System, Five Sonic System, Six Sonic System, Single Sonic Module, Duel Sonic Module


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