February 20, 2015


At Magnus Equipment our machines are engineered to meet all of your cleanliness specifications, your space requirements, material handling and your safety and environmental guidelines.  Our clients have unique parts and while we offer a standard line of equipment; every day we design custom machines to meet our clients needs.  We are continuously evolving our process to include on-demand applications for our clients.  Here you can read more about our cleaning chemistry.


Engine Block / Auto Component Cleaning Machine

Magnus Engineered Equipment has supplied customized and automatic cleaning equipment for the automotive industry.  Components such as engine blocks, transmissions, oil pump components, cylinder heads, drive shafts, cam shafts and more are cleaned with Magnus equipment.

In 2013, a major auto manufacturer approached Magnus with a need to clean machining debris from engine blocks.  Machining debris trapped in the water jacket, blind and through holes, crevices and other areas on the engine block was causing excessive tooling wear in downstream machining operations.  Only machining coolant was permitted for cleaning and water or other cleaners were not allowed.  The machine was required to fit in an existing confined space, and since it was in-line with other operations, the machine was required to mate with existing conveyors and PLC controllers.  In addition, the time allowed for cleaning was short (~1 minute).

Magnus delivered a customized cleaning machine which exceeded the customer requirements.  The financial payback for the customer was much less than 1 year and the machine utilized maintenance free filtration with closed loop circulation for no loss of machining coolant.

An example of our engine block cleaning machine:


Bearing Cleaning Line

Magnus Engineered Equipment has supplied customized and automatic cleaning equipment for companies wishing to achieve critical cleaning specifications on aerospace and automotive bearings.   Removal of lapping compound, CNC coolant, oil and more is accomplished while reducing chemical costs and labor.  Magnus works with the customer to develop the proper cleaning chemistry/equipment or build equipment to utilize the customer’s cleaning chemistry/process.

Features available for the bearing cleaning machines include:

  • Ultrasonics (20 kHz to 132 kHz), mechanical agitation, rotation and spray cleaning
  • Chemical dosing / metering pumps
  • Solution heating
  • Chemistry monitoring (pH, conductivity, cleaner concentration, temperature, etc)
  • PLC automation and OEE ability (overall equipment effectiveness)
  • Return to Operator conveyors
  • Lift tables
  • Demagnetizers
  • Dryers, air knives and blow off stations
  • Filtration and Coalescers
  • High throughput with up to 3800 lb load capacities
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic operation
  • Clean room and packaging availability
  • and more.


Wire / Tubing / Bar Stock Cleaning Lines (Continuous cleaning lines)

Magnus Engineered Equipment manufactures state-of-the-art 360 degree ultrasonic cleaning equipment for continuous materials such as wire, cable, tubing and metal stock.  The use of unique compact 360 degree radial ultrasonic units allows for in-line cavitation cleaning and ensures complete removal of lubrication residues such as oil or grease, soap, stearates or dust.  Ultrasonic units can be stacked in series to achieve the desired cleaning rate, and removed contaminants are dispersed into the cleaning liquid and prevented from re-attaching to the substrate.  Critical cleaning specifications are achieved all the time and every time.

Features available with continuous product cleaning lines include:

  • Product handling and spooling capability
  • Unique compact radial 360 degree ultrasonics which are stackable to achieve the desired cleaning rate
  • PLC controls
  • Filtration and Coalescers
  • Heated solutions
  • Drying and blow-off stations
  • Cellular adaptability to existing processes (mobile if needed)

Dye Penetrant Inspection

The Fluorescent Penetrant (Dye Penetrant) inspection station is designed to locate surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials.  This allows you to identify these cracks or defects that are not visible to the naked eye.

Before performing the Fluorescent Penetrant inspection, the surface of the test material must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any contaminants that could prevent the penetrant from entering flaws.  At Magnus we offer the inspection station as a part of our in line system to seamlessly clean and inspect your precision parts.

This application is for various industries, but not limited to: Aerospace, automotive (motorcycle), precision parts, Agriculture, Military/Marine, and construction.


Phosphate Conversion Coating Line

Magnus Engineered Equipment designs, constructs and installs production lines for the application of phosphate coatings on steel, aluminum and other metal parts.  A corrosion resistant, oil absorptive, non-metallic, insoluble coating is formed on the part as a result of the conversion coating process..  This coating protects the part, provides lubricity, and can act as a foundation for subsequent coatings or painting.  A typical chemistry used is the Bonderite Lubrite system supplied by Henkel.

Magnus Engineered Equipment is experienced in supplying equipment which automates the phosphate conversion process, minimizes sludge formation by uniform and effective heating of the phosphate bath, and operates in a safe manner by effectively constraining the liquid and vapor emissions.  The process is capable of operating continuously and delivering large quantities of uniform and reproducible coatings.  Systems capable of processing 1.5 million parts per year have been designed and constructed by Magnus Engineered Equipment.  Contact Magnus Engineered equipment for references or assistance with your conversion coating line.

Vapor Degrease Replacement

Vapor degreasing is a process which uses solvents in vapor form to clean a substrate.  Magnus Engineered Equipment can supply automated cleaning equipment as a replacement for the vapor degreasing process.  By using aqueous or non-aqueous solutions instead of vapors, companies can realize enhanced throughput and lower costs with a safer and more environmentally friendly process.  Magnus Engineered Equipment offers various cleaning technologies such as sonication, turbulation, agitation, rotation, spray wash and immersion which can replace and sometimes outperform vapor degreasing.


Solvent Replacement

Magnus Engineered Equipment can provide cleaning equipment which uses non-hazardous environmentally friendly cleaners which replace and sometimes outperform traditional petroleum based solvents such as acetone, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene, MIBK, methylene chloride, MPK, IPA, mineral spirits, TCE (US EPA ruled carcinogen), and lacquer thinners.  These aqueous and non-aqueous  cleaners comply directly with EPA and OSHA requirements.  Disposal costs and hazards of traditional petroleum based solvents can be mitigated and the eco-friendly cleaners can even be recycled.  Contact Magnus Engineered Equipment to discuss equipment and processes to replace your traditional petroleum based solvent.  A safer and environmentally friendly work environment can be achieved with equipment and processes from Magnus Engineered Equipment.


Non-Conducting High Dielectric Cleaning

Magnus Engineered Equipment can provide cleaning equipment which uses high dielectric solvents when the use of electrically conducting solvents is not permitted.  The cleaners are non-hazardous (EPA and OSHA definitions) and leave no residue on the parts being cleaned.  Applications such as defluxing, electric component cleaning, motor windings, circuit boards, fuse boxes,  and more are accomplished with equipment and processes from Magnus Engineered Equipment.


Powder Coating and Paint Removal From Metal or Plastic Substrates

Magnus Engineered Equipment can provide cleaning equipment which uses non-hazardous environmentally friendly cleaners to remove powder coating, paint, autophoretic  coating, chemical coating or electrodeposited coating from metal or plastic components.  Coatings are removed from  galvanized steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, brass, carbon steel and stainless steel as well as most plastic and silicone substrates.  Blasting, scrubbing, grinding and/or scraping is replaced with an automated system to remove the unwanted coating.  Delicate parts are easily handled as are large and heavy substrates.  Airborne contaminants are eliminated and removed coatings are filtered for easy and compact disposal.



The exclusive Power Sonics lamination design and layout results in a transducer which achieves cavitation easily and quickly. This occurs in relatively un-degassed as well as fully degassed solutions. As the name implies, power in the bath directly affects cleaning capability. The 20 kHz magnetostrictive transducer, driven as a uniform unit by an intense generator signal, optimizes energy transfer to the bath to maximize ultrasonic scrubbing. By exploiting all factors in design and construction, power levels of 10 Watts per square inch are achieved. Type NT transducers are cylindrical and expose parts to “full surround” ultrasonic sound waves, thus providing cavitation much greater than “flat” transducers. For products such as wire, cable, tubing, channel, flat stock, rod, pipe and other materials which can be passed through the radial ultrasonic unit, the ability to clean with a radial ultrasonic unit is unmatched in the sonics industry.


Mold Cleaning

Engineered Equipment (MEE) manufacturers cleaning equipment which is used to clean and rejuvenate molds. The toolmaker is no longer required to manually remove rust, old grease, outgassing residue or other contaminants from the mold. In addition to eliminating the manual labor component of cleaning the molds, the molds are more effectively cleaned with Magnus equipment in that ejector pin holes, cavities and other areas which are nearly impossible to manually clean are cleaned extremely well with Magnus equipment. The use of pipe cleaners, Q-tips, scrubbing pads, aerosol cleaners and other tools of the manual cleaning operation are eliminated with automatic cleaning equipment from Magnus. The elimination of manual cleaning prolongs the mold life by eliminating damage which can be done with manual scraping and scrubbing.


Cleco Fastener Cleaning

Cleco fasteners allow you to temporarily hold two pieces of material together in proper alignment for drilling or riveting. Magnus Engineered Equipment can provide a complete cleaning solution which allows customers to clean used cleco fasteners. Coloration of the cleco fastener is not harmed and only contaminants such as mastic, epoxy, glue, oil, grease or other contaminants are removed. Environmental and operator friendly chemistries are used and equipment can be sized to handle any size requirement. Contact Magnus Engineered Equipment to solve your cleaning requirement.


Molten Salt Cleaning Lines

Molten salt cleaning is a very efficient and effective cleaning method for removing paints, lacquers, oils, greases, ceramics, wax, molding sands and oxide scales from the surface of metal substrates. Often used for extreme cleaning requirements, the baths are composed of anhydrous fused chemicals such as potassium hydroxide and potassium nitrate and operate at elevated temperatures in the range of 265 – 600 oF. Cleaning times can be very fast owing to the elevated cleaning temperature, the fast heat transfer to the substrate. The chemistry involved during various cleaning applications ranges from simple dissolution of contaminants to more complex reactions involving the thermochemical oxidation of organics.