November 17, 2015


Power Sonics™ line of transducers offer unmatched cleaning consistency sonicswhether the parts to be cleaned are large or small, simple or complex, handled singly, in batches, or in an automated line.   Because ultrasonic energy penetrates into crevices and cavities, any type of part or assembly can be cleaned such as precision parts or assemblies.  Having the capability to clean entire assemblies without disassembly results in labor saving that make ultrasonics the most economical way of cleaning.  The Power Sonics ™ line includes both radial and flat 20 kHz transducers which optimizes energy transfer to the bath to maximize ultrasonic scrubbing.

The Power Sonics™ lamination design results in a transducer which achieves cavitation easily and quickly. This occurs in relatively un-degassed as well as fully degassed solutions. As the name implies, power in the bath directly affects cleaning capability. The 20 kHz magnetostrictive transducer, driven as a uniform unit by an intense generator signal, optimizes energy transfer to the bath to maximize ultrasonic scrubbing. The design produces the highest cavitation intensity and highest power density available in the market.  Power levels of 10 Watts per square inch are achieved!

radial transducersRadial transducers are cylindrical and expose parts to “full surround” ultrasonic sound waves, thus providing cavitation much greater than “flat” transducers.  For products such as wire, cable, tubing, channel, flat stock, rod, pipe and other materials which can be passed through the radial ultrasonic unit, the ability to clean with a radial ultrasonic unit is unmatched in the sonics industry.  Product can be cleaned through the Power Sonics™ radial transducers at any speed desired and in the smallest footprint owing to the design of the radial transducers.  Unlike systems which utilize flat transducers, the use of radial transducers eliminates “sonic shadowing” and ensures that the entire surface of the product is cleaned!  This feature is important for cleaning of continuous product where 100% surface cleanliness is desired.

radial transducersMagnus Engineered Equipment has a breadth of experience in designing and manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning equipment to clean any type of substrate from bearings to surgical needles.  Transducers made from special alloys are available as are hardened surfaces.  Magnus Engineered Equipment can recommend the proper cleaning chemistry to optimize the performance of the power Sonics™ equipment.  Contact Magnus Engineered Equipment to see how power Sonics™ can be used in your cleaning application.

powersonicsNote: Power Sonics™ transducers and generators are compatible with the transducers and generators previously manufactured by the Westinghouse corporation.



Flat Transducer IP-0820 IP-1114 IP-0824 IP-0830
Width (inches) 7.5″ 10.5″ 7.5″ 7.5″
Length (inches) 20″ 14″ 24″ 30″
Height (inches) 4.5″ 4.5″ 4.5″ 4.5″


Radial Transducer RT-1K-030 RT-1K-035 NT-1K-030 NT-1K-035 NT-2K-060
Inner Diameter (inches) 3 3.5 3 3.5 6
Submersible No No Yes Yes Yes
Wattage/gallon 4360 3203 4360 3203 2180