November 15, 2015

Engineered Solutions

Magnus Engineered Equipment offers proprietary, proven solutions for efficient parts movement, rotary transfer, and inline cleaning processes designed to take advantage of your existing footprint. Our multi-disciplined team of engineer’s design all electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic subsystems according to our strict standards and our multi-layered software platforms deliver machine diagnostics, troubleshooting, and production monitoring in one operator-friendly package. Capable of engineering semi or fully automatic, synchronous or non-synchronous operating modes, our flexible and durable cleaning equipment will provide a turn-key solution to meet your cleanliness needs.

Our manufacturing capability is unmatched in our industry. We design, fabricate, machine, weld, paint, assemble, and test all of our equipment under one roof by the most qualified technicians in the industry.  Our ERP software tracks every step of our manufacturing process and provides us with instant visibility of the progress we are making to meet our delivery promise.

When allocating precious financial resources to capital equipment acquisition, you can be assured of receiving well-built, modular equipment that will meet your parts cleaning needs both now and into the future. Past performance is the best indicator of future success – over the past forty years 95% of our customers, continue to rely on us for additional projects.

The list provided below highlights some of the additional features our engineered solutions provide.



  • Multi-stage washing and rinsing process with hot-air, compressed-air, and vacuum drying
  • Agitation, spray, injection flood washing
  • Area-coverage cleaning due to immersion cleaning process
  • Parts baskets can be rotated, raised, and lowered in order to support the cleaning and drying effect
  • Custom programming of process sequences
  • Automatic dosing unit
  • Ultrasonics
  • Filtration systems
  • Settling tank

Material Handling

  • Conveyor unit configured to your throughput, part design, and footprint
  • Robotic mar-free parts handling
  • Innovative fixture design to hold proprietary parts
  • Pick and place pre or post-wash
  • Automatic parts basket placement and tracking
  • Multiple recipe programing

Electronic Control

  • Error diagnosis via plain text display on operator control panel
  • PLC or CNC command
  • Siemens, Schneider, Indramat, Fanuc
  • Standard panel screens
  • Customized panel screen options
  • Other options available