November 17, 2015


Our machines have powerful cleaning capabilities including rotation, particulate filtration, oil removal, ultrasonics, and high volume liquid sparging options. Our time-tested and proven platform agitation reaches difficult interior areas of parts via the vigorous agitation. Our load capacity is available between 125 lb. and 2250 lb. load capabilities.



Power Sonics™ line of transducers offer unmatched cleaning consistency whether the parts to be cleaned are large or small, simple or complex, handled singly, in batches, or in an automated line.   Because ultrasonic energy penetrates into crevices and cavities, any type of part or assembly can be cleaned such as precision parts or assemblies.  Having the capability to clean entire assemblies without disassembly results in labor saving that make ultrasonics the most economical way of cleaning.  The Power Sonics ™ line includes both radial and flat 20 kHz transducers which optimizes energy transfer to the bath to maximize ultrasonic scrubbing.


Our Immersion series has been redesigned without changing what made this machine the industry standard.  The machines are modular in design allowing you to configure your cleaning process around your budget.

Immersion Rotation

Our rotation products build on all of the cleaning advantages our immersion series provides.  By adding rotation, these machines deliver an aggressive 360-degree agitation will eliminate contaminants by providing complete part saturation and flushing. This is extremely important if the part involves blind holes, orifices, machine bored holes, cavities.  This series is designed to rotate baskets of small parts up to engine blocks in one tank or multistage configurations.

Options include;  spray, blow-off, PLC, level and conductivity controls, and advanced filtration.

Multi-Stage Immersion

Our multistage immersion product line delivers higher throughput and parts cleaning consistency that cannot be obtained with a spray cleaning only process.

The multi-stage design increases your flexibility to adjust the line speed, bath chemistry, temperature, and allows the use of ultrasonics.  Wash, rinse, coating, and drying can all be completed in one cycle.

Options include; PLC, bar coding, return to operator, manual or automated load and unload conveyors, coalescers, and filtration.

Conveyorzed Belt Washer

The CB series is designed for inline cleaning of a wide variety of manufactured parts at speeds that match your production process. All of the machines in this series are built primarily of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials and are fully modular.  Designed primarily for higher volume production cleaning, the parts are transferred through wash, rinse, blow-off and dry stages.  The parts cleaned in these machines can range from a few ounces to several hundred pounds.  This series comes standard with water make-up, level control, digitally controlled heat, filtration, stainless steel mesh belt with flights and the durability you would expect from a company that has been building tanks for over 90 years.

Conveyorized Belt Washer with Ultrasonics

The Mini-TunnelSonics was designed to achieve increased throughput and critical cleaning for simple and complex shapes.  The in-line ultrasonic capability allows for high-speed continuous product cleaning and utilizes; spray, immersion, blow-off, and heated drying.  The radial transducer provides 360-degree part contact resulting in cavitation levels that are 10 times, or more, as great at the same power input as conventional flat type transducers.  To accommodate larger parts the series belt width can be extended through the use of flat transducers delivering ultrasonic power from the top and bottom of the conveyor belt.

Foam and Clean Equipment

The Magnus Engineered Equipment Foam and Clean system is simply the most flexible and practical foam cleaning system on the market. The system runs on air. That means no heat, no pumps, no moving parts, and no problems. The Magnus Engineered Equipment Foam and Clean is literally maintenance free.

How the System Works

Air pressure generates the foam and delivers 100% concentration to the desired soiled equipment and work surfaces.   A normal 20 to 1 air to product ratio provides maximum dwell time with no dilution of the cleaning solution.

Wire and Tube Washer

Magnus Engineered Equipment manufactures state-of-the-art 360-degree ultrasonic cleaning equipment for continuous materials such as wire, cable, tubing and metal stock.  The use of unique compact 360-degree radial ultrasonic units allows for in-line cavitation cleaning and ensures complete removal of lubrication residues such as oil or grease, soap, stearates or dust.  Ultrasonic units can be stacked in series to achieve the desired cleaning rate, and removed contaminants are dispersed into the cleaning liquid and prevented from re-attaching to the substrate.  Critical cleaning specifications are achieved all the time and every time.


The addition of filtration allows operators to maintain consistent chemistry within their system resulting in a more consistent and predictable cleaning operation. Filtration enables the continuous removal of debris which can slow down the cleaning process and consume cleaning chemicals. By continuously removing debris and contaminants from the cleaning bath, the life of the cleaning solution is greatly extended, drag out of undesirable contaminants is reduced and cleaning chemical consumption is minimized.

Oil Separating Coalescer

Many of the industrial detergents used to remove oil and grease (or “soil”) are classified as “Mechanical Splitting” detergents. Unlike emulsifying detergents that are commonly used in households, “mechanical splitting” detergents rely on an energy input to temporarily emulsify the contaminant and remove it from the substrate being cleaned. The energy input can come from an agitated wash, a sonicated wash, a pressurized wash, or combinations of these techniques. The mechanically emulsified oil and grease will stay suspended in the wash solution so long as the energy input is maintained