November 30, 2015

Wire and Tube Washer

Wire / Strand / Tubing / Bar Stock Cleaning Lines (Continuous cleaning lines)

wire-cleanerMagnus Engineered Equipment manufactures state-of-the-art 360 degree ultrasonic cleaning equipment for continuous materials such as wire, strand, cable, tubing and metal stock.  The use of unique compact 360 degree radial ultrasonic units in the strand cleaner allows for in-line cavitation cleaning and ensures complete removal of lubrication residues such as oil or grease, soap, stearates or dust.  Ultrasonic units can be stacked in series to achieve the desired cleaning rate, and removed contaminants are dispersed into the cleaning liquid and prevented from re-attaching to the substrate.  Critical cleaning specifications are achieved all the time and every time.

Features available with continuous product cleaning lines include:

  • Product handling and spooling capability
  • Unique compact radial 360 degree ultrasonics which are stackable to achieve the desired cleaning rate
  • PLC controls
  • Filtration and Coalescers
  • Heated solutions
  • Drying and blow-off stations
  • Cellular adaptability to existing processes (mobile if needed)